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tli<- rammer of i v :.7. It ins thai of George tf'Leod, art 25, ;< policeman, of sound
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self familiar with all the circumstances on which his success or
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that they be required to pass the examinations of this board
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— a sketch of the Botany of S. Carolina and Georgia,
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origin to the long-continued subminimal supply of accessory food
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gested with blood. The blood corpuscles did not present any changes of sufficent importance
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pia mater and cord itself were natural.^ Numbers of small recent
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to larva, or vice versa) than those in our breeding cages, where vast
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the impregnated ovule finds a favorable surface for its implantation.
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asphyxiated. It was very pale and flacci'J in body and
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I us, is an Atlas, containing illustrations true to
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a committee to consider the matter, and as a result of their inquiries
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which will obscure the beginning of the oxygen wan response.
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of this series, of whom 3 died. Streptococci were found in 2 and typhoid
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Too much caution cannot be exercised in puncturing ab-
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mucus, free from fetor, not differing firom the natural secretion
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be regulated ; in those cases resulting from misuse of spirituous liquors,
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becomes dilated; the capillary vessels are filled -witli blood; the heart's contrac-
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and in the foetus. According to Erlich * they may be
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for 18 patients on each floor, allowing about ],.5{)0 cubic feet
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making raw lateral surfaces, which are to be brought together by
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be pul>lished in a suhsecpient nuuiher of the Hkcokd.
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nary high-explosive shell, instead of the " wobbling " sound and small
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wound was left quite freely open. Tiie operation from beginning
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to be true. After conception has occurred, and the embryo is
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allows the patient to give intelligent assistance, prevents the venous oozing
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iscope is a practical clinical method. /3-oxy butyric acid is levcgyrate, and has a
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forms — namely, lobar and lobular pneumonia, or, as they are termed by
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Further Improvements in Mioroscopioal Technique. —
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In acute diseases, the use of this vaunted Panacea, often produces a
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all extra-uterine pregnancies must be primarily tubal (with the
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