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We are united by a common goal: to keep consistently

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child five or six years old. This purgation was alternated by vapor-baths,

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It is desirable that he should be given a rest before he reaches this stage,

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enlarged glands may become reddened and show increase of local

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made to encircle the portion that is to be removed.

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by attacks of angina pectoris, and it may take place in

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tient has rallied. The ergot should be given as soon as

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found beating regularly, and with considerable force. The spinal marrow, as far as it had

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cerebellar hemisphere, and a connecting tract of de-

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are to be found in several public institutions, as well as in the hands of

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abscesses seen in the viscem were due to emboli which had become

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relations of epilepsy to insanity and jurisprudence. Tr.

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second week, two ordinary quarts are generally administered each day. If the

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disarticulation of the hip. Against the exposure of the large

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It is said that in actual practice Avenzoar, who was a

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TnK Anierican Medical Association was a success, in

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qualify the holders to teach in the schools of Waupaca county for three

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during the past fiye years, having to keep in bed most of the time.

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ing members of the Profession assembled at Mr. Hill's house,

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absolutely still. Intolerance of any noise or din. In-

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26. Martius and Liittke. Die Magensdure, Stuttgart, 1892.

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are of considerable severity, and it serves more to cross the / and

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the convulsions at the end of six minutes on two different relapses. Cured.

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in favour of their animality which the totality of their history

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case of fungous arthritis, or, in other words, is every case of fungous

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convulsive spasms. His mind wandered all day, except when,

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