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Turkey. In the whole Turkish Empire, including Egypt,

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and if there was present only one-fifth of one per cent.

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of the hypogastric plexus that are sent to the uterus is, in my

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mation. We must not always rest satisfied with the mere ab-

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fore in my life, and as I tumbled into "Well, my reports have it that you

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meeting, that the Government introduced its Bill for amending

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do not occur. The condition is exceedingly rare; females are chiefly

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formed into blood, and thus compensate for the loss it has sus-

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misconduct, and of the essentially degraded character of most of these

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Presentation: Connecticut Society of the American Board of Surgeons,

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luine, which had become scanty, now began to show pus,

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if possible, and if it is a germ, pure cultures ought to

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her, but she did not recognize him and talked only in an incoherent

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Prognosis. — This is always favorable. The discontinuance of proper

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care physician.” 13 This commission also recognizes ratios of

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tute for quinine in the treatment of intermittent fevers.

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The fat granule cells appear as brownish yellow corpuscles, but

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uary last year, he was much worse ; he had muscular feebleness

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Tuberculosis of the Male Breast.— H. Morestin ^ reports

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degenerations. If recognized early and properly treated both

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sembling yeasts, but capable of producing mycelium.

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106 ; pulse 140; respiration 60 and sighing; tongue natural;

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mercury, preparations cannot be combined with cocain with-

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attack men only, others oxen ; some the old, others only

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would be, because it being an employment to which it is not

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any indefinite number of each. In all fruit-bearing plants

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are kept in exact coaptation and resist the forcing blood

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