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able also to stand upon one foot, with eyes closed, but

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This conversion of the nutritive element, or the humours of

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S. L. Frank, of Baltimore, has reported a unique case of inter-

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•with a premium income of £118,000, was £25,000, but this

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96. Back View of an Aneurism of the Arch of the Aorta " " . 357

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half a pint of water, until reduced to four ounces,

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8. Rich, A. R. : The pathogenesis of the forms of jaundice.

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ance and Atherosclerosis, J. Lab. & Clin. Med., 35:

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rest. A free action on the bowels exerts so ))owerful an influence over

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sidered with the aid of Keen's monograph. The chap-

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that National Health Insurance will surface as a major

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cicatrix results. It feels like a traumatic scar, and does not rest upon an

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micro-organisms are factors in the formation of salivary

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patrons. To the schools which have thus honored us, we beg

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along without its being considered, as I remember distinctly in

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sects, such as roaches, flies, and ants. It may be used either as a dry

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faction of blood-clots in the bladder, together with the frequent attacks of retention,

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This year for the North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing has teen greater

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activity is sufficiently great to create a superiority from this point of view in

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read a paper on this subject at the Fifty-sixth Versamm

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which he contracted in skinning one of his dead animals before

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colon and rectum, the urethra and prostate, the bladder, the kidneys

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this subject, I may here caution the public that the useful part of the

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colleges will turn from their doors students with deficient preliminary

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Secondly, dropsies due to heart disease are recognized by

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cigarette smoker was alive to tell this tale, and was willing to

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when I say that a direct indication for the use of the forceps arises

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tous. Boegehold has not been able to find a similar

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along its entire course, and the course of its connections.

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The parturient act is a mechanical one. The expulsion of the

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that great discoveries are to be achieved, thus that we

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which are not sprinkled. A reference to the facts would shew,

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