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that he could resume his l)usiness, continuing for some

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with hot or cold water; the water should be re-applied at least

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treatment are rubbing in sulphur ointment, biniodide of mercury ointment

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Occasionally the vesicles may be recognized upon the mucous surfaces

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Dr. Adler called them, to facilitate adjustment. As the

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a culture made from a case of diphtheria shortly after a

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excision has saved life for a length of time ; that

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fected. According to the investigations of the physicians who observed the

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too widely opened during the early stages of the adhesive process; once, on

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him. My rule is to sponge whenever the temperature reaches

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Case I.— Mrs. A , aged thirty-two, bom in the United States: German

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as he is sure that it saved his life — illustrates

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exercises, training in the use of the feet to the best mechanical

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and caused by congestion of the lungs. Dr. Eeid had

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normal salt solution, and it was not feasible to obtain the placentae

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broken out there. I think Americans, as a rule — those

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patient got into a dangerous condition, as suggested by one speaker,

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Glasgow ; and Edward James Primrose, M.D., B.Sc, 551

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There is pulsation over the lower sternal and epigastric regions. Msnsura-

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of the economy to cyanotic blood any more than in other conditions.

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as well as during the day ; the cough is frequently excited after partaking

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was dilatation, and that the hypertrophy was secondary in time

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the entire profession. But we notice amongst the credentials of this man, the

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with fever, vomiting, then with convulsions in some cases, and these

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magnum, and it is connected by ligament to the radial

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