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sloughing of the exposed surface, or of the surrounding integument.

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Framliogham, to Helen Anue, second daughter of the Late E- Cavell,

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at the parlors of the International Hotel, Niagara Falls, on Monday

betamethasone topical cream on face

relaxation continuing for upwards of an hour, and that although previously

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registration of illegitimate births in England may detract from the re-

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slightly curved on the ventral surface. It fixes itself

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is usually the history of moisture at some stage, in the syphilide the

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P, M, H, ROGERS. B.A., M.D., B.Ch., Physician and Pathologist to the

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lead to ulceration and perforation. When the caecum is

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The acute form of dilatation rarely admits of treatment.

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Arch, psichiat. fete], S.-Peterb., 1897, xxix, no. 3., 78-102.—

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dition, they exercise a kind of attraction for the arterial blood and repel the

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if necessary the hypertrophy, which mechanical stress demands — in

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The results obtained in the treatment of septicjemia by means of

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r-J C^ 05 CM -H 00 CO (M 00 lO (N O r-' -^ r-l CO O CD iO tH

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enriching the color of wines or for disguising the addition of water.

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strain of maternal nursing is making inroads on the mother's reserve

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to the spread of diphtheria as well as other mfectious diseases.

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peripht^ral extrtnuiiy, fully oxplai:is wliy }\itients often suffer pain in

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has also a noticeable influence, and I have personally seen instances in weaveis.

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become impossible for single observers to cover the whole

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create an individual predisposition which acts as a groundwork for

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are those in which seasonal changes will necessarily lead to improvement of

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ides is also liable, through extensive absorption, to irritate the kid-

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the beginning he had hyperesthesia almost everywhere. While sitting

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the medical profession for furnishing ammunition for the "antis."

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