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writings such as this — a habit which leads to that imper-
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lysed. The muscles affected were the biceps, deltoid and
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enlargement of the organ, and often slight jaundice, although it must not be
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special intensity ; it occurs irregularly in the gray and white matter,
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mark with water. Thus there resultt a A lute solution of urine^
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tborougldy tried in France and elsewhere, with, so far
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streets, the city is unusually healthy and the death-rate surprisingly small.
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On the 12th of May, 1892, in a communication to the French
betamethasone valerate ointment bp 0.1
tensive trial. Opinions in this country are somewhat
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that on the wide side showed sHght atrophy. The patient was a female,
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rescue from undeserved opprobium the reputation of a class of Extraordinary Thinkers
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therefore, that lice fed on one day only, and especially if that is the first day of
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care. Part oi this difference of opinion is unquestionably attributable to
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exhaustion. These symptoms are not present in all cases ;
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great ; judging merely by externals, this would seem to be
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distilled, S.G. 1260 ; Potass Bromide, pure cryst. ; Potass Iodide, pure cryst. ;
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two weeks for observation, during which time he developed a
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formed into blood, and thus compensate for the loss it has sus-
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ciety, Giles ' reported the analysis of three hundred
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plegia. On October 15th she was taken with spasm of the
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tenth of a milligram of tuberculin and even less is not infrequently
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or principles: — 1st. Symptomatic medicine, in which groups of
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cool nights (this very changeable atmosphere is very trying to
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the open market a sample of a certain brand of powder, manu-
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patient's strength gradually failed and she died one week later. At the
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This training has been worked out in a series of flying calisthenics

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