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micro-organisms were found to be present in large numbers.

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jce of the poison be found. (Handb. der Ger. Med. i. vol. 1 p 421 429 )

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over 200 lbs. Great dyspnoea and pain occurred. The

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these devices are undergoing FDA trials in children,

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scripts, and illustrations. The Countway's many contributions include

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Betty Foley, Chairman, Enrollment of Student Nurses,

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subject of Beneke's earliest investigations, and in later times many

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tion, fill chairs acceptably in colleges and universities. Wherever found

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found in all parts of the body. They asBume the form of perfect sacks,

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the hyper-excitability of motor centres which marks the sthenic

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of man and the superior animals over others, in point of in-

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the chills of intermittent fever, I feel entitled to say that, whether the

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crite from his piercing eye, nor shrouded the unprincipled pretender

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A protest from Dr. John F. Gray, against the validity of said

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some cases be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

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the progress of medical knowledge — to the times of Hipporates and

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ari'ested by the effects of chloroform whilst the skin remained sensible,

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marked b\' the exact rim of a circle, but by the diseases de-

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4. Auto-intoxication as the morbid element in acute

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rapentiqiie (orf;anotli6rapie). Rev. laSnisse Rom.,

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to sacrifice them. The latter procedure would be many

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ment of knowledge in all branches of science has been so rapid

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barrassment of respiration and great restlessness are sometimes marked

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At home in Scotland, among many evils, the "influenza" was

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reflectors, he was able to examine the ear, urethra, bladder, oesophagus,

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