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which will allow a comparison of the reports. The Sanitary Conven-
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Hospital is, that all taken in after the visit of the physician of the day, are placed
buy betnovate ointment spots
Tuberculosis and the Sanatorium, and the Bureau of Rural Sanitation.
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amoimt of depression depends on the degree of shock. The tempera-
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Dr. Samuel S. Thorn, of Toledo, O. ; First Vice-Presi-
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could meet. The midwife frequently became the cause of sueli
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put in the fruit, pour boiling syrup over and seal.
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Duration of disease, one year. Pulmonary condition,
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no certificate shall be issued to any applicant upon proof that
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direct application of means for their cure or removal.
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ture of its shaft, had been dislocated into the sciatic notch, and FotV s fracture
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points not specially connected with the heart. In several of his
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cardial efl'usion. The removal of the effusion from the ex-
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Edward L. Keyes, A. M., M. D., Professor of Dermatology in
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Lister, as is well known, claims remarkably successful results for his
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5. Scrojuhus swellings sometimes, though very rarely, appear in early
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Hospital, and because I was, perhaps, too deeply impressed
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to remove from the common duct, a stone of the size,
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The treatment consisted of steam baths and the local application of sulphate of copper
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lameness is not there, the practitioner must endeavour to find
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This particular point, however, does not suffice to make one
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to which we are subject increases the sick-list alarmingly.
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th^ should all be gathered there at the earliest moment He in-
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the system- peculiarly liable to this kind of disease ; besides,
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tion, but never persisted longer than 48 hours. An account of this procedure
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In the basal celled group, the so-called istered so as to give equal opportunity and
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that when the child returned, a few days ago, hardly a trace of the
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JLJr Odier was a pupil of Dr Cullen, and retains his noso-
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prepares the patient for operation. They thread their own needles

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