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excited and disturbed condition of the system. In the last stages of
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and Pathologist to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. In
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an uncertain and vacillating treatment. For these reasons, we
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culiar type, ushered in by rigors, and characterised by remarkable
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in Fig. 77 would be another reason for the uselessness of digitalis in this case.
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must be content to urge upon those physicians who take an
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Text-Fig. 6. The effect of x-ray treatment on the circulating lymphocytes
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education in our district, graded and high schools. Four
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with the other two. Meat, milk, eggs, and the proteids
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There is great indefiniteness in the estimates made of the average
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pneumonia does not seem to have much effect on the tuberculous process,
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J. B. Lippincott Company's Medical and Surgical Works.
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1 and 2), can be used without danger in extreme cases, i. e.,
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7. The evident soothing effect on the nervous system
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The key, then, to the successful treatment of all pathological disin-
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tococci or staphylococci) cannot be made with accuracy
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ignorant as to whom we are indebted for introducing into practice this
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Two years after onset she had attacks of burning pain in both feet,
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Pharmacoposia, as given by Hager, that has been so generally received by the profes-
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only additional change in this instrument that I suggest is that these
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remainder in half an hour afterwards, if necessary. We have
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city, exclusive of zymotics, viz. 12.25 per thousand, it is ap-
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the result. The very initial stage of digestion is interfered
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no relation to the disease. He advised taking the tem-
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is the temperature lowered, but the circulation is delayed to such a point that
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reports in a girl of 20 years two deep ulcers of the labia minora,
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back such patients, for the placing of a patient in an insane asylum is

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