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In this last stage, if the system is not well supported and the

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or muoo-bloody masses. Immediately after an evacuation the patient

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method is successful. However, allowing that certain lines of treat-

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fibility, but in others a degree of it, extending to

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the normal composition of the different fluids are not inconsistent with the

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Ni>tf 1. — I take pleasure in cx|)ressin<j my thanks to

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pomorphous apes. For our own part we prefer to retain man apart

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disease to persistence. But Dr. Husted states that he has found this remedy

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' On Nasal Cough, and the Existence of a Sensitive Reflex -Area in the Nose,

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(G, germ cells; S, to heredity. The essential factors of Mendel's dis-

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a matter of speculation. The syraptom-group described

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doesn't the doctor : more's the pity, since his earthly domicile is

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benefits. Forty-hour week, paid holidays, vacation,

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in their infant feeding work. We depend upon the grati-

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tions, and the nervous system ill nourished and inadequate

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Synonyms : — Arthritis deformans, Polyarthritis chronica, Osteo-arthritis,

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have done had the abscess not existed in the head of the tibia.

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: enable us to separate the conditions that are merely

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diminished with the onset of the pain, is often markedly increased with

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be acquired by a seeing person, as a matter of fact a seeing

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capsules.' The body is examined, and no other organs

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cient action of the organs of respiration, is apparently owing to the physical

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It is seen from the above figures that the concentration of N/20 salt reduces

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instances of definite record. In the group of colored males, out of

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in women.] Skiift. utg. af Fiuska Liik. - siillsk. [etc.],

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company with J)r. E. B. Ilobson, of Carrollton, 111., at 5 p. m.

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its relations with the general disease, but also the relations of the latter

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w of things, and make requisite corrections by address-

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