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acquired immunity. It is certain that the aboriginal and uncivilized
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have received the slightest benefit from the treatment. We are,
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directly backward in the one-pieced mallet (partaking of the nature
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the lower limb. Scot. M. & S. J., Edinb., 1899, v, 56-61.—
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may be lengthened a certain number of years beyond its ordinary
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development of symptoms, so that the disease might be dealt with at the
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others. " It is, therefore, by the distension and fraying of the
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analysis of HCl, is simple and practical and takes no
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expense for which, at present, there appears to be no need ? "
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India was no more under martial law than England. The Ac4
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that of the beard, mustache, pubes, eyebrows, and eyelashes
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to the Registration Bureau. They are introduced into a room
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This training has been worked out in a series of flying calisthenics
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curled-up scales, whitish inside and dark on the outer surface, are
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Donald Cameron, M.A., has been severely wounded by a bomb.
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cases where the cough has existed so long that disintegra-
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upon with favor in Germany, not because German sur-
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edge with an ordinary stout pin, passing it in the opposite direction to
what is betamethasone dipropionate ointment used for
sooner will we create a vastly improved public opinion, and the
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enlarge the incision above the umbilicus, or to turn the in-
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A Plea for Antitoxin. — It is a stock argument with
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in command, and the relations of the regular military
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weight and improve in condition. People failed as yet
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amination showed conclusively the presence of lead. My
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tember 3, 1S65, and arrived at Point de Pitre October 9— all
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other later ancient and medieval pharmacologists, Galen may have
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togetherwith the corresponding portions of the Kitdbul-
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say, drainage. In the first stage there should be in-
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condition containing tubercle bacilli ; the bacilli are only found in the
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the impending or completed delivery. I would rather
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1891. Marsh, Howard, F.R.C.S., 30, Bruton-street, W.

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