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from his affliction. And in fact he did on his recovery execute a picture

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a safe guard against the infection of others. The ideal treatment is

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they will have no power to add or substitute questions.

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and little brown drops are seen to separate, having an empyreuraatic

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On the surgeon's right stands the table with instruments and

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delphia in 1861. His opinions were controverted by Dr. Gull

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liquor, strain and skim and heat five pints in a large saucepan

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Hospital at Haslar, where he served for four years, a

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pair after exsection of tlie hip, witli a view of illus-

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Health Officer in the formulation of policies and programs for improvement and

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viewed externally, appears like a continuation of the artery, but,

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in Hunt's f observation that this disease "has its favored habitat in

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of New York City, was obtained. As an initial dose we

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When the chancres became bad again, the rash on forehead

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war claimed seven of our confreres, and when pestilence — influenza

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trace it to exposure to cold. In some cases, however, where the

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500. Portion of the root of a hail plucked from a crust of chronic eczema

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fore, was not the product of Washington, nor should it be

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the Irish physicians record a similar observation) that delirium

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Consider the subject with us in another light, that presents itself most

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patient — how it diflfers from the ordinary relation between

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as having a certain significance in relation to the results obtained by

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treatment that patient, not physician, theoretically becomes

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Each spinal nerve is formed by the coalescence of two roots w hich

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This paper was chosen from several submitted in response to THE WESTERN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE’S 1989

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general court of Massachusetts Bay Colony to govern the people

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Chloretone is a powerful and pretty certain hypnotic

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spontaneous or suppose to be dependent upon minute ganglia connected with

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cently, Dr. J. M. Mugliston, surgeon, aged 48, deservedly lamented.

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of the best medical assistance. It is presumed that the body is healthy, and

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The relative internal pelvic measurements are often altered, but there

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The Psychiatric department of Hahnemann Hospital is

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