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ciples to uterine affections, we may say that the use of the

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haphazard work and thus so far frustrating the very end o.

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History. — For many years medical men practising in Ceylon have

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and are closely housed in barrack buildings, which are seldom

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remark seemed to strike some investigators as being

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old. At intervals of li years the intensors of the right, mid-

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but gradually they become numerous, and persist for days

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exhibit a similar capillary engorgement,, though less intense. The glomerular

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fefcfnew and part of the ileum and jejunum (small intestine).

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little boiling or baking, and some a great deal. The food

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home or hospital. Indeed, there are no good reasons why

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amount of fluid is small, say from two to four ounces, the peri-

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check the flow almost entirely. I sent for assistance and

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diabetes are interesting and deserve some consideration. An individual

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The next prominent theory in the etiology of" the disease is cold or

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but not until two months ago did she notice any enlarge-

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Association Collective Investigation Committee found that rheumatism

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the oligocythemia, so that a low r ered color index is the rule. The

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Three groups of cases have been treated in this way :

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ing over the vertex. To the piece on the forehead the

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very large and of eleven years' standing, the writer

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Many experiments upon lower animals, which were fed

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Fig. 388. — Showing distribution of cutaneous branches of trigeminal and cervical spinal nerv-es. — Piersol.

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uncontrolled clinical trials were: fatigue (T8%), headache (1.8%). abdominal pain (1.6%). asthenia (1.6%), orthosta-

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