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cause of the cyclitis is usually a wound in the ciliary
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(rf" periosteum. In conclusion, he thought that the joint in these cases should be
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fession has persistently discountenanced public discussion of
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case was obviously one in which a cure could not be ex-
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existence of the United States of America as a nation, was first
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far as to say that the occurrence of phthisis after typhus, was exceedingly
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tressing deformity, which always seems worse to the
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occur as papules or pustules, or as cutaneous nodes which in the course
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this occurs, it is always in the latter part of the third stage.
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important facts, for which science is his debtor, that the nerve-tubes of
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operation be undertaken ■ " In all these chapters there
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many internal and external diseases of most parts of the
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Domestic Gothic The sky line is agi-eeably broken up by
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months on Surgeon's certificate of disability. — 5. O. 162, A . G. O.,
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It is also a noteworthy fact that virulent tubeicle bacilli, as a
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scales which we were able to offer fail to attract qualified technicians
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theory of malaria. Beyfuss re{)orts an interesting ob-
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interesting cases are reported in full, and at the end is a tabular state-
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1886. Slatbe, Chablks, M.B., 81, St. Enuin's-mansions. Westminster, S.W.
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Although the average velocity of translation of the
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of the various caustics and astringents, with the view of coagu-
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tractions, while he acknowledges that tobacco only has suc-
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admitted fact that the degree in which the cavity in syringomyelia is lined
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things which in themselves are quite distinct, viz., legislation for
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in. No other means but amputation remained for saving the
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find the ethmoid cells burrowing, as it were, into the mid-

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