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The position of the acting assistant surgeon of the

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make it manifest that the naked eye is markedly superior to the micro-

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cot do' not exist except by suggestion: however, there are

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tioner, which is devoted entirely to the consideration of

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Sheffield — William Skinner, M.R.C.S.,* 250, Brook Hill.

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excludes another remedy equal if not superior to the

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Radium emanations are also found in the air extracted

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sistants — a chapter of the national organization —

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ophthalmia as a result. For the last three years, however, the

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from post-mortem abrasions, while at the same time and

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the stronger stimulus. The recovery of the normal rate was effected

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clinical significance of these potential cardiac effects are

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that a horse suffering acute pain in the hind feet has some disease

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pregnant. Has had two hystero-epileptic attacks during the past year.

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Arkansas Hospital Association in February 1989 at which time

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As the disease advances the coma is more profound, or the

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Saturday, April 25, 1S68 ; on Saturday", July 25, 1868.

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the Clinical Laboratory ; Dr. H. B. Gushing, Medical

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gation has been sharp, the period of discharge of foul-smelling pus

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lengthened or shortened within reasonable limits, it is pos-

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the beginning and others from the close of menstrua-

betnovate c skin cream ikeja

dia. Army M. Dep. Rep. 1895, Lond. ,1896, xxxvii, 335-349.—

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by the divided nerve, but sensibility becomes reestablished by re-

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to literature, I would refer to papers by MacBride and

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laxity on the part of some after they are beyond the scrutiny of the

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be excluded by bacteriological examination. That it may be present

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logic and homeopathic materia medica and therapeutics : 5. Unusually exten-

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a longitudinal series of abscesses behind on either side of the vertebral

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which at the dawn of the twentieth century is one of

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infection, and when, in such cases, the third glass of voided urine shows

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