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reference is made to this subject. Inversion of the foot and rotation of

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Thus, there is tremendous variation in the extent to which

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of iron, although this preparation is not always well tolerated by the stomach.

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it will be followed by others equally so, when the remaining

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packs, and but little danger of hemorrhage. Atropine is one of

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abscesses seen in the viscem were due to emboli which had become

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Sanitation in Connecticut. — In its annual report the Con-

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coagulated albumen." The "National Dispensatory" (1st edition, p.

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spleen weighing 8 pounds. The splenic tissue was semitransparent on section. Histo-

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the arterial pressure, but did not influence the venous; doses large

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such cases even after the lapse of many years. One can never tell

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dizziness, and stated that the figures of the carpet seem-

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bership for non-payment of dues, Doctors R. G. Leverty

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phenomena above enumerated, the emaciated and paralysed limbs soon

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apothecaries who could be trusted to dispense pure drugs

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matous ; gray brain-substance distinctly hyperemic. Hyper-

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the needle with the thumb and finger of the left hand,

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are many species, and M. Gelineau has carefully compiled a complete list

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of light or not. On the occasion of one of the reports (where it is

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of its being inoperable so far as a cure is concerned.

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is 1,040. The greatest number of admissions in one day was

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Under the head of murder and manslaughter, it is stated that

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quartan parasite ; fourth, irregular or continuous, produced generally

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pus. To such a state of things the term pyonephrosis is sometimes

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be examined or cross-examined. In matters not of a scientific

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kind, regular hours of sleep, regular both as to quantity and time

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tific men and all people interested in the progress of humanity grieved for

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