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supported by certain experiments of Schaumann and Tallquist

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is a noticeable fact that severe dislocation at the shoulder or elbow

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immediately followed the finger back unless the pa-

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showed undoubted signs of having been the seat of repeated

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soluble in water but not in alcohol or ether. In the animal economy

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by years of military experience and study. The problems of the pres-

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in Mental Disease," Med. Week, 1893, i. p. 373.-4. Tatz, T. "Deux cas de folie

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divisions: (1) prophylactic and (2) an attempt to relieve

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found necessary, whether or not the parents actively

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turned, and were of competent force, and much more tolerable; the labour

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thus one leg may be cold while the other three are warm„ or

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This first or impressive effect of drugs alone is recognized

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treatment of this condition, by direct extension in the horizontal position

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tubercle was used, one might form a sulSciently (but not

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Diseases, Drug-Habits, and Poisons. Volume iv : Diseases of the Vascular Sys-

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The bowels were opened freely with Compound Cathartic Pills, and the attempt was made

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There is nothing more important than a thorough examination in all

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luid no regulating power over his lower extremities. Tliey moved

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Art. YIII. — Excision of the Os Calcis. By Assistant Surgeon C. R.

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a small fee, it opens the door for the most bare-faced

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basilar Artery," tletails two cases of that disease, and refers to

clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate lotion ebay, .111.1 h.i. t,-i-|,,l..L:i, ,11; !■,■[>.. I l.-.l up. .11. \ii \ 1,1. 1. .,1.,, t.,L,-ii ,.,

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wound. During closure of the wound he happened to drop his needle and thread

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more recondite nature, and especially that it mocks every mechani-

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S. 1876-8, C. 1879-80, V.P. 1885-6.) Trans. 8, C.C. 3.

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number of cases of distemper was over 11,000 (one-sixth of

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