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and the chlorate of i)otassa, and also the spray of car-

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orange or lemon juice. The entire electuary should be taken

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an elderly white woman who appeared quite ill. There

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aged persons; {2) no excision should be made in very

betnovate n for face pomada bula

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tion entitle it to a place among the real contributions to hygienic sci-

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if all sources of error could be eliminated, would be

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exhaustion, as these necessarily constituted a source

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associated with the diffusion of a disease by human agency is,

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render it necessary for her to remain in bed until late in the

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took part in the campaign in German South- West Africa, being

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by the safe and easy method we owe to Drs Cotterill and John

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method of rest in bed, massage and faradization of the

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Charing-cross. Questions of great public interest will be

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pletely covered. They then lose the red colour in the centre and

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According to this author, market milk should not in any case contain

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otomy ? How would you meet these ? 19. Give method of catheterization and

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for weeks or even months ; at other times, it subsides altogether, and is

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It had been found that rabbits could not be used for

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with Cinnamon or Orange Flower water in the same proportions as

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this be of primary origin, depending upon inherent feebleness of the walls

betnovate n pomada bula

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issuing from the stem; e, f, gub-di visions of the branches.

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have with Dr. Lankester on the score of the expenses of his

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strong enough to warrant the affirmation that inversion might

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case the patient, the public at large. Sometimes I think

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ated by this method and then drained by keeping the

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muscular paralysis following each injection lasted from 18 to 29

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the office of Lord Mayor of Dublin for the year 1868. Can any of your

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on the presence of Banti's disease, as such. Splenectomy is the

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