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the respect and esteem of his Contemporaries and students, a representative

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an extremely difficult matter to get at it. She bled freely in separating

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building for the reception of the sick of that Institution.

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with its most aggravated coast symptoms of yellow fevei-, such as intense frontal

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mother ; the idea of over-population, as suggested by the

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consisting only of connective tissue, and perhaps they were simply of

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noon the block suddenly stopped and the pulse became regular at 92. During the

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mation of the larynx and trachea, sometimes extending to the bronchial

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of the undersigned. WTien neither is accessible, remittances may

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He arrived at home safely, and for some time was much better

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mitral. Such cases are by no means rare. There are few maladies

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not therefore say anything as to the reasons which influenced

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To prevent possible duplication of benefit payments under this program,

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other work ; it is interrupted by reaching to dip the

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front, to the temples above, and laterally as far as the angles of the jaw.

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author's special method of exploration the patient is to be placed in the dorsal

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are most useful to help sort out other confounding diseases

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phatics respectively. He agreed with the view that the

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Dr. Jos. Chase mentioned a case in which the severe pain

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be accomplished rapidly and with a remarkably small operative

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Clark's care, and has just been discharged well. It was a case

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fatally in three weeks without the slightest sign of jaundice. At the

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erly be classed under the head of puerperal infection, the

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tive procedures applied to such cancers have tended to discredit sur-

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nates had taken place. There was sometimes retention of urine ; oftener the

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healthy young man, said one evening that he would chloroform himself

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