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prepares the patient for operation. They thread their own needles
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of tuberculous pericarditis in my series, nor among the
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a similar position. The cause of each was possibly some form of auto-
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its proximate cause is cold. That the construction of the capillaries,
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a measure can have much potency, and partly from the popular fallacy that
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tion; but it differs from all known proteins in its relative solubility
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observed to be equal or greater on the unatfected side of
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logic condition. He shows that in the genital canal there
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trate the ease, if not the efficacy, of this manoeuvre.
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branes when in the liver. The animal's head is held low and
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and, as a rule, are accompanied by no danger to the patient, thougn in the
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of mankind, and that system is a true one which educates and
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tuting first granulations, and then a cicatrix. After subcutaneous
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although the women are inclined to be a little more
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brain, and that, could the integrity of this organ be maintained, the
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A specific form of fever, eruptive, contagious, inflammatory. It is
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fiammatioD. If this is not the case, the soft parts are
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Hydrophobia. — A short time since, a young man named Henry Sivyer
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although she had some trouble following a miscarriage
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ment embraces irrigation of the stomach, or the use of
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there be evidence of suppurative tenosynovitis the theca
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ciples — both anatomically and physiologically; naturally a training in

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