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general nursing are as low as is consistent with good service. Private rooms can be

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there is marked uncertainty in walking, patient feeling in danger of stagger-

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shows the following: A layer of cylindric epithelium, under which is a

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phenomena are best accounted for by the compression of the brain, which

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lacrimal ducts and the lacrimal canals— which acquire a lumen

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possessed in common by all the species, and what were

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man, then in his ninetieth year, slapped himself on the chest and said :

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often combined with others of a similar excessive hypersemia of the

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a paper on "Ulceration of the Cornea." Theodore L. Chad-

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a covert under the grandest wing ; and what but the darkest ground of

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fore," says Dr. Eberle, ^^that strong marks of inflamma-

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cholera infantum for three months of each year during

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Neuralgias have been frequently observed during and after

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boiled, and brought into consistency with bees wax and hogs-

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hver IS often slightly enlarged, while the spleen extends beyond

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resembling the eruption caused by antipyrine. There

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but even these have quite disappeared. The mental condition is much improved,

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not be denied that the sudden fall of the water of the soil may proTC

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the left ventricle. If the right ventricle become not only hypertrophied, but also

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ful of all factors in the degeneration and depopulation of the world.

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as the average physician, I have yet to see the first reformation from

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with caseous necrosis of the intestinal mucous membrane.

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though they (the goods) are not worth a hundred dollars ;

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made, in consequence of some of tbe essays not possessing

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eases of the Eye and Ear; Charles R. Dryer, M. D., Chem-

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{^"Contributions from practitioners in good standing invited, and advertisements from reliable

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pupils normal ; there was no elevation of temperature. I had

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ing, the foot being one-half inch shorter than its fel-

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turbinates. There is, however, no unanimity of opinion

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book by his side, over the dead body, in obtaining i ""'y '".^'"^ student of surgery, but also to the busy

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