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time he had shortened the round ligaments by cutting out a

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knee, and also in the distribution of the external peroneal. At

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scar through the sphincters would have required re-

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muscles were contracted on this side. As the ursemic symptoms were threatening,

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section an atrophic chorionic villus is present, and the origin of the

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tectomies would have been much increased had we removed all

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column. The condition apparently commenced at the age

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deal of weakness and was troubled with profuse sweats, he was put

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onc-tliird of tiie calibre of this ves.sel, and terminating

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distorted by the dropsy, with the proffered expectation that

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Besides the pigment, we may sometimes find in the parasites small

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of telling you the little that has been ascertained respecting true

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an hsemoptyis ; at least, we have here an additional means of

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gland exhaustion played a role. A number of author-

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ceased for nearly four years, giving way to tonic and

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continued. The use of poisonous beverages and over-eating

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the surfaces of the membrane. The serous membranes are furnished

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tases. In twenty-nine cases there were five in which this had occurred. The suf-

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by this company. There are also several periodicals, of-

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The work opens with a preliminary history of the literature of

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Western Ophthalmologic and Oto-laryngologic Association 337

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if a minute quantity, say 3 per cent., of chloroform be added to the

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mented in quantity, and that in these special cases it is further-

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amined it is rare that any bruise of the external parts

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