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In determining the causation of empyema in children, it is
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Strength Increasing ; all the functions regular. About a drachm of
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earnestly, hopefully, heroically, and under the direc-
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through the tricuspid valve. Dr. Wilks, however, doubts the
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greatly enhanced through primary injections or sensitization of
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rnidoua Malaria, — This also is more common in re-
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wait for further results in serum-therapeutics. Emmerich, on the
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Pathology; Director of the Otho S. A. Sprague Memorial Institute.
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ordered to the Puget Sound naval station ; Passed As-
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of zinc chlorid are preferable, perhaps, for very extensive, deep
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seven recoveries and thirteen deaths ; and if, as we
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those who were congenitally or hereditarily predisposed to in-
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medical aid, so that the tourniquet might with greater
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tion. Was it possible that hcemostasis was due to vaso-
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duty, and greater opportunity in this broad field of preventive medi-
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regions, but with particular frequency in si:>ecial localities, as in the
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a day). Irritating drugs such as turpentine should be condemned
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in 8pit« of the essential improper nourishment bears out the
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numerous rootlets, often very much broken or in slices. - Taste
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Hygienic Laboratory for duty— November 16, 190:5.
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physical characteristics, or he may present no physical ab-
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These criticisms have not caused the author to change these chapters.

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