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ber of accidents must have occurred, and the powers of the

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pushing her mother, on whose knees she was lying, with her hands

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3. Khalil IM: Bilateral compartmental syndrome after prolonged

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periodically and alternated, at the beginning of the sick-

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runs for some distance, gradually diminishing toward the end of its

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lipogenctic or fat-forming ferment, in either case its

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1890. A Resume of Senn s ^^ Surgical Bacteriology!' 461

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1909 a. — Probstmayria vivipara, nematode du cheval. [See Ransom, B. H., 1907 f]

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report the case as an illustration of the method I have

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The fear of secondary h^Bmorrhage taking place unobserved under

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benefits in comparison with the many negative results.

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the sense of temperature. The contact of a hot object, and especially

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In Ahxtiuilria, Egypt, the annual rate of mortality

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Columbus (and a part of each year our water supply is

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asleep with ether, having lost control of the epiglottis,

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For 1915 I have three: R. S. Beam, Lumberton; J. M. Crawford,

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stitial connective tissues, with a thinning of the myelin

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blood current is quickened, then retardation occurs, and

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cases by the extensive comiection of the intercostal nerve. I would like

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Cancer of the spleen is exceedingly rare : in those instances

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of hospitals, especially in cities and large towns. 3. The organ-

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9. Hassid Rl: Indications and contraindications for vaginal hysterectomy.

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posing the magnus tendon, it does not necessarily foUow that,

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of the bases of the lungs are impaired ; mucus accumulates in the bronchial

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Discussion : Gust A. Hedberg, Nopeming — Sumner S. Cohen, Oak Terrace

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Effects in a woman suffering with inflammation of right

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tis of the Knee-joint, followed by Amputation. " In connection with the paper he exhib-

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