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should be able to distinguish the drumhead or membrana

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of the pneumococcus in this group also ; nor can I discuss

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it averaged from 78 to 85, in the afternoon 90 to 100.

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When a doctor was once defended by an insurance com-

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stinted means, there can be no calculation as to the ben-

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lungs shows the physical signs of consolidation — blow-

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that rhytlim. The sedative effect, t'hen, as seen in the arte'iial

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pigs and mice causes a fibriuopurulent peritonitis, with a moderate

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This question has become one of yital importance to

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30 In addition to the references given, the following may be of interest:

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Contact: Continuing Education, Pacific Medical Center, PO Box

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This is explained by the fact that isolated auricular extrasystoles

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sidered with the aid of Keen's monograph. The chap-

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and the quantity taken, aided by the saline ingredients which clean out

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didn't need to start him on antiretrovirals. With just

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on Materia Medica, by Dr. Short ; and on Chemistry, by Dr. Yandell.

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causes in earlier life, is the result of a definite predisposition on the part

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complaint ; her nails were then renewed ; her hair, which had at firft

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experiment-:, he found i-ts accuracy exceed his exjieciations.

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ophthalmos. The bruit was less audible and the pul-

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105°. 10 p.m. pulse, 104; respiration, 20; temperature, 100.2°. Pulse

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responding animals in these experiments being simultaneously ex-

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with the right, and slipped over the cord, drawing the cord just

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likely general explanation is, that simple perityphlitis is due to

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patients suffering from all sorts of diseases come to

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practised and advised. If a polypoid growth is present, which

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ethereal extract is then added 10 drops of freshly made tincture of

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