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present writer in the American Journal of Insanity for 1888, the brain

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The locality is to be noted. Being bilateral, with a strong disposition

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regard ; and while no means were unemployed for the cultivation of her

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52 MISSOURI MEDICINE/January 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 1

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It has, secondly, been found possible to do something for

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through experiences momentous for himself and his fellow men, and

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well illustrated by a case of my own, a woman about forty years of

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colour, reaction acid, specific weig h, 1,018 Albumin enough,'

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left no marks and seldom proved fatal." The Health Officer took charge

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peculiarity. Paraplegia is not common. Gowers mentions that some

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and a scorbutic condition of the walls of the ulcer,

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soluble in water but not in alcohol or ether. In the animal economy

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ties are appropriate. Swallowing pieces of ice has been found effective.

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the contraction of the muscles of the extremity while

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not injured. There was no accumulation of fluid in the body and the

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Dr. Nichols was a native of Maine, and received his medical

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betnovate c cream for skin

decrease in size and jaw hypertrophy may occur. In the first

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nose and mouth, and their snrgical treatment. J. Am. M.

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its effect is due to its direct irritant action on the mucous mem-

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and perhaps a little acceleration of the pulse. A six-

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imbibition of fluids, so that the nerve-elements are more or less disas-

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highly albuminous, and containing abundant cholesterine (seventy-one grains

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twenty-five, fifty, seventy-five, and one hundred patients per week, $1, $1.25,

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patient in the wards of a general hospital, side by side with patients

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a severe secondary anemia is a more frequent feature than the records

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connection with the Commerce Street doors, but used the Exchange front

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1877 EoTH, Beenaed, 48, Wimpole Street, W., and Eoss-

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tagious diseases ? Does it not seem that the elements

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conditions as being those in which such treatment is absolutely

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accomplishing it. They are parts of its living pathology.

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vere case of double diphtheritic conjunctivitis, the palpe-

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rence of haemorrhage from the ear. He quotes eight cases

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provements, methods, or styles, but of extent. Every

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The foregoing description of the anatomical characters of acute pleuritis

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