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present themselves in the way of similar efforts — the vis inertise — the care-
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The cases of Pneumonia entered upon the Field and Hospital Reports were relatively
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which must be that they could take no action upon it.
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last almost ten hours. He had excellent results in relieving the
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no time did any appreciable swelling develop, although convulsions
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ious forms of alcoholism in Bellevue Hospital. For comparison, the
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grafted the surface with a good result. Castellani' claims
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254. The officer commanding the hospital will see that due economy
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decay incident to some forms of insanity, in three cases ; to disease of the kid-
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an improvement has watched personally and closely the patients
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rather coarse threads of fibrin which very largely filled the lumen
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proportion to the exhaustion which he has suffered. Whether
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3-14.— Simon (R. M.) An address on the treatment of
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Surgical Journal for 1836, says — " On two occasions my friend
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cardialgia, vomiting, irregularity of the bowels, emaciation, and an un-
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not believe it. A big death-rate that could be traced
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up the bottle with water that has boiled a few minutes
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the right side of the heart has taken place, and is dependent mainly on the
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Usually the first symptom is a dermatitis of the feet and
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hours. (Hear, hear.) Now wit'n regard to another practical
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fi^actured bones in the horse never unite. This is incorrect,
buy betamethasone dipropionate bp monograph
stage, arsenic ancl iron during convalescence, appeared to
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the suggestion. Speaking for ourselves, this journal will hereafter
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96. Back View of an Aneurism of the Arch of the Aorta " " . 357
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Tubercle bacilli may be absent on repeated examinations when the
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pearance perfect ; but among the class described, it seems
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bending, this measure may be necessary for several months. Often the
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the purpose of relieving the patient of a very bad case of
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charge in 1946, he completed a residency in general sur-
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incised and washed out. The effort of the surgeon must be directed especi-

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