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The French Academy of Medicine, the body to which is as-

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About seventy five per cent, of strictures are single.

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ring are coapted carefully, which he considers of great impor-

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becoming restless, irritable, feverish, before any bowel symptoms are

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quently seen in which they exist in one limb only. As

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prise, December, 1894. He never did build a home on this lot, and as he refused

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lar practitioners (surgeon-apothecaries), quence of this was immediately antici-

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eflSciency of the acetone-ether method as compared with simple dehy;

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contact with its parietes. The suspension of digestion when this

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ration of these materials; truly a most important func-

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is poisoned by salts of potassium and certain metals or alkaloids, the

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inability to sleep. He had visited several physicians, one or two of whom

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and the vigor of the subject of the accident. As a rule the milder

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tained from cases of epilepsy. Fifty of these gave typical

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the next few years, aided by diligent and careful investiga

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cornea as from their bases and borders being clear and trans-

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ould not be compelled to give his attendance to speak to matters of opinion.

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but on the whole are diminished. Exhaustion and emaciation do

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subject to costiveness, should use plenty of vegetables and ripe^ y^t^/^wj^

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in the healthy male, but is given to check internal hemorrhage in

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X ray, brush discharge and mixed treatment. December 21,

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427^29. Also: Obst. Gaz.. Cincin., 1890, xiii, 73-85, .

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vescence if it falls on the hearth or pavement, or if

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sign of pain or sensitiveness during the operation per-

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With the treatment above mentioned, nervous irritation

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relaxation continuing for upwards of an hour, and that although previously

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front teeth ; he, like the patient, has light complexion, browm

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by Dr. Griffin in doses of from ten to twenty grains three or four times

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