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it is evident that the modes and times of obtaining and of

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that he was not attended by a physician. The case will be laid

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are present. Each of these has a room for himself nicely

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ecthyma. The impetigo i)ustule also runs an acute and rapid course,

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was obtained. In the necessary manipulations, I was ably

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cally, from which we must study this question of the natural condition of

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Medical men who have had the largest experience are those who most

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those conditions in which the blood findings are char-

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tion. On page 1 79, ' Trans. Medical Society, State of

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vaginal, rectal, and urethral disease it is also useful.

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favejrable climatic conditions should be chosen for the location

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as well as abroad, more especially England, are in- their way a

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He exhibited an instrument which he used in the operation.

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which the renal alterations are due, whether they are special tox-

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sixteenth century. Sennertus, in 1G19, and many others described it as

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city its ancient name, is one of the busiest seaports in Eng-

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by rigidly enforced methods of prevention; by isolation of already

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<ialely estimated by the reputation of those who contribute to it.

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Etiology. The copious perspiration which follows on exposure to

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local indications of pulmonary tuberculosis, even if the tubercles as usual

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orders, more especially the presence of catarrhal cells and bacteriuria.

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various parts of the body, &c. He continued to sink till the

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trons bore the pains of labor and the fatigues of nursing, he

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Humain, ed. 2, 1726.— See an account of the Life,

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towns. The number of cases in these hospitals on April 3 was 2,403,

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the specimen of cerebral abscess from the case which served

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