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the patient has abdominal pain, vomiting and wasting, for which no
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hand is placed on the cyst and struck with one of the fingers of the right
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with the toes or standing on a raised surface with the toes
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weight to be carried. Most of the arch supports purchased
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the webs or eggs of grafs-hoppers, or other infeds,
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guinea-pigs ; and certain varieties, such as white mice, white rats, and the
baclofen 10 mg generic
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fatal results are sometimes due to clironic poisoning, and the
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known in Europe, where, during the Middle Ages, the constantly recurring
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Choroidal tubercles may sometimes be detected by ophthalmoscopic
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in the morning, before the fun begins to be too pow-
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mortem room. A minor, though equally fatal, degree of the same condition
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anatomist separated physiology from gross anatomy and carried micro-
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troduced into an abfcefs, die heat of the parts melts
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sweating suggests absorption of toxines from the alimentary canal. While
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elected President of the American Pnblic Health Association.
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cells of the tissue, and that later there is an invasion of round cells which
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has become habitual. The principle of treatment is to overcome the
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xylidin ; certain aniline dyes — fuchsine, gentian- violet, methylene -blue, etc \
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quarantine, as practised in Great Britain, in which free pratique is given to
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doubtedly from the lungs by means of the bacilli-laden sputum, but
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Knowing the limits of the sheath, if there is excruciating tenderness along its
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never been inconvenienced thereby, is a complaint that will bring a
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such as resorcin. betanaphthol, epithelial stimulants like sudan red.
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in the sputa. Coarse and very abundant rales with a metallic quality,
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The cases most suitable for this treatment are those in which there is
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several ptomaines, whereas if delayed for twelve or fifteen hours it sug-
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they may be separated from the surface by lung tissue affected with fibrosis,
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which, with one exception, had the appearance of being healthy and
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are not uncommon, and will be referred to under the heading " Tuberculosis
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man, is ftill ufefulto him after death, though not in
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