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progress : the year of grace 1642 had been rubricat-

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; October 5th some decrease in intensity; October 22d,

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provable. Provided, that in no case shall the consultation

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have been appointed dental consultants and special lectur-

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is, it gives reactions with the serum of patients hav-

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ice cream, and coffee. The foregoing diet was permitted

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3. Mechanics of the Escape of tlie Infant Skull and Pro-

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particularly the case with vegetable drugs, in its raw state

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self. The appendix was ligated and removed with con-

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this association several times and if he remembered

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York on Thursday afternoon, December 29th. The meeting

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18 deaths from suicide, 7 from homicide and 73 due to

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Anderson, of Washington, D. C. ; third vice-president. Dr.

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tion ; and (2) the tetany which appears later and is

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cure, the result is the formation of lime salts, which

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"pain killers" and analgesics with which the present

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above 65° F. ; properly dressed this temperature will

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quito bars and the screening of the home are largelv

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nately breaks dozvn at times and in one of the following ways:

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cleared up in a few days. He was given internally cal-

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million to i c.c. injected jMarch 11, 1910. At first otor-

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tion, because of its prolonged irritation. Absorbable

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districts having at first a depressing effect on the

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At 6:30 p. m. one half of the lesion was sealed over, the

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notable feature of the gathering was the presence of

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scalp to back of external ear. The lesions varied in size

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14. Arneth. Deutsches Archiv fiir klinische Medisin,

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toms are relieved in from three to four days, a re-

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washed, and scalded every time they are used. Fresh

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this no information was given. She answered with suffi-

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