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was also given ( £- grain) every two hours. Dr. E. K. Root saw

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together at the bottom, that the whole Flower falls

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this report a copy of the able argument of Mr. Gross and the

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turally. The fifth and lait I found in feveral places

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them fe Ives in the Ground, and abides almoft as well

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Hospital on January 12, 1920, mth the following history.

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differing chiefly in the blower, which being red, like

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B., aged 27, consults me concerning his catarrh, which has been

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the average increase and is accounted for by the fact that last

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Fourth day, March 22nd, 9.45 a.m. — Pulse, eighty-eight; res-

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Difeafes the Liquid Juice is ufed againft, except an

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take lor a of the firfl Pints of Water, to keep for

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flower,, are much like the others ; bur the Fruit is

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tos & obfequiofos, foliis Oliva: pinguioribus, albi-

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machia rubra minima Clufij , Lyfimachia linifolia j

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that this bearsa larger Umble or Tuft of Flowers's J

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Lungs, are profitable in the beginning of a Quinfie

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ry tender Plant , and apt to penfh, unlefs carefully

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whitifh Chives, tipt with yellow in the middle. The

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fomethiug flat alfo , and not round, but crumpled as

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of Tubers or Glands confining of a fmall String and

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tain in this upward climb, and so man has endeavored from time to

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montani. 3. Linaria quadri folia fupina , or quadri folia

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earlier than others , but generally from the end of

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in Tent to one dram, for the curing of inward brui-

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fpreading it felf out into rough Branches, climb up

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graft from slipping in or out of the medullary cavity (Fig. 6). The

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