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with his mother-in-law, who is now ninety-five years of age, and has been greatly dependent
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catarrh has slowly disappeared, a feeling of almost perfect health is again
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Parker ( K. W . ) Congenital absence of radius from
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repeated })lood loss. The chart does not show an example of the
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divide their annual meeting into two branches, legis-
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imagined she had been ill-treated ; she had pains in the head,
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Spleen, case of ditcase of the, â– Nnth v.idc range of
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; Tke largest PPO in tke nation is open to applica-
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previous ones. In 32 cases out of 40 of chronic tuberculosis its
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to study the subject in the laboratories abroad. Shortly
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skull or by change in its own structures, may sink and seem to shorten
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diseased tissue without invading the cartilage between the epiphysis
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and it seems to me that this change in the degree of penetra-
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the nodules and some extending into the healthy skin. Com-
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recently confined of her first child (illegiti- l fancy derives part of its importance from
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should lie ])Ut upon another breast, or artificial feeding should
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while the doctor bowed, without again removing his long pipe.
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may be discoverable in 'the former, may have disappeared in the latter. A
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caring for the public health. At all events, make sure that the best
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fling of the plumage indicates the nervous disorder and chill.
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them to apoplexy and paralysis. One such exception was seen in the
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trains to choose from. The run from here occupies only 2\ to 3
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exception all children with hereditary lues are infected ex matre and by
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inaudible, but with the second there is heard a soft blowing murmur. Pulse 80, full,
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and the absence of any affection of the pleura when the peri-
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inhabitants in some places. Almost the same fatal mortality as
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citreus, as one or another of these has been found to be invariably
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and L. vulgaris; the English, L. exedens and L. non-e\edens ;
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85 of the male employees had been on military service, of
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bail of a pail. Thus the broadest part of the chest is en-
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under five years of age was 50 per cent., and among those upwards

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