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towns. The number of cases in these hospitals on April 3 was 2,403,
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warmer climate has been successful. Dusting the itching surface
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the wounds at ojice in 14 of the cases; the other 7 cases were
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The diphtheritic process does not merely consist of the membranous
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internal surface, from being carried off; yet they are afterwards
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in the left Fallopian tube close to its uterine extremity.
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A large portion of the report is taken up with detailed statements upon the
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upon some special tendency, of the part affected, or of the neoplasm itself.
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only is it remarkably bright, but it is found to have lost its previous yellowish
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fatal result before the most important observations can be begun. To
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insurer in Missouri to offer: “Million/Million”,
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sion and history of the sick on vessels from tropical port?,
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gentleman who was at the time attending my lectures at Guy's Hospita
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and containing sugar by examination, was well agitated with
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forms of thoracic disease now considered as beyond the reach
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or later the muscles of the pharynx, and even those of the larynx, share
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tions; bed sores on left flank and thighs, exposing muscles; catheter kept in bladder.
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"and one to which I shall hold until something more
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by the character of the tissue from which it develops.
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metz has recently re|)ortcd a case of obstinate A'omit-
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in the thorax have been recorded in a number of cases as of frequent
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contraction, or separation of serum. On its flat upper surface
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material as is ordered. Every case of puerperal fever,
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1) report two successful cases, and add a list of fifty-five others by various
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els are not relieved ; then to begin with the tartar-emetic,
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22. Iieokemia. — ^Three cases are reported by Jewett, who
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de la soc. de biolog. 1892, p. 13. 68. SHAW, J. C. Archives of Med. New York, 1882,
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It may commence in the larynx from distortion of its cartilages

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