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inner surface of the occipital lobe. It seems quite prol>ab]e, however,

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where practicable, vaginal hysterectomy should take precedence of the

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that presents one of the biggest ethical problems for

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cities, the predominating influence. The area of unoccupied

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sions will be somewhat as follow. My patient is pale and thin ; her

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the arteries were tied with fine silk, the ligatures being left long.

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all in a more or less advanced stage of convalescence,

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he had seen at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in March

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The incidence of bronchiectasis in the general popula-

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gen of the tissue as monamino-nitrogen. As, however, an unusually

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A protest from Dr. John F. Gray, against the validity of said

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(Jattello am6ricaiue perfectionnee). Bull. m6d. i i nord,

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fhe diagnosis implies intemperance, caution in forming an opinion in some

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‘Maximum income and other limitations apply; read

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thick, but the presentation was, nevertheless, difficult to make

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fear. It doubtless depresses the nutrition of the whole nervous system,

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tal operations to perform. I expect definite results when

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medical ward, not having discovered the hernia. This was simply the

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gress. The edema in the swollen finger — which latter

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* Read before the Section on Theory and Practice of Medicine of

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laxity on the part of some after they are beyond the scrutiny of the

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sometimes useful. In this class, Barnes recommends the internal use of

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suffering while they are breaking off the morphine habit : in these cases

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and from its arterialising function ; and further results will

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regard to most of the articles mentioned. I should,

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medulla oblongata, ' with secondary extension to the

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such a degree as to point unmistakably to the presence of an

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I have no desire to attempt to apply, at this time, the results

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cm.) smaller than the right and that of the left thigh

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it is only seen when there is much inflammation; it is never intense

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